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The following events are scheduled for September20th- November 31st  Please CALL 907-336-5648 / EMAIL from the contact page / or stop by the Nook for more info. Several Class times. But if none work for you call me and we will schedule a time that works for you.


Cowl in the Round -$20.00 if you purchase supplies at the Nook. $25.00 if you want to use your own supplies. A perfect beginner knit class or if you need to learn" in the round" knitting. Also great if life has kept you away from knitting and you need a refresher. 

Sept. 26th 1pm-2pm, another time 4pm-5pm. 
Sept.30th 12-1pm,.If times posted are not
good for you . Stop by the Nook and sign up
for a beginner class scheduled for you.


Fingerless mittens on DPN's- requires previous knowledge of basic knitting. You can learn the skill of using double point needles and of making a thumb. Plus have a relaxing fun time. Class cost $30.00/person

September 20th 12pm- 2pm, Sept.25th 4-6pm,

Requires previous knowledge of basic knitting. The class time is two hours and unlimited help until you complete your project. WHAT A NICE CHRISTMAS GIFT. 

Come by the Nook to pay for class and secure your spot. 


Fusion Hat Class -$30.00 - Class requires some experience knitting. The cables are a pho-cable......meaning "PHO SO MUCH FUN!" There are several colors of yarn to choose from. It requires 2 hours.  

September 21st- 12-2pm , or Oct. 2/ 12-2 pm


Brioche Cowl- $40.00 - requires intermediate knitting skills. Beautiful results with this techniques. A little testy at first but before you know it you'll be happily creating. ONE OF MY FAVORITES to knit. Requires two yarns and I will help you pick two that will result in a supreme prize garment to keep or give to someone VERY special. 

Oct.10th 12 - 2pm


Socks - $40.00 Have you ever wanted to learn socks?

If you have basic knitting skills you can learn. You can choose from a basic sock, a toeless sock,or a baby sock. We will have a great time learning and you will love making socks for yourself and for gifts. Sock class is two hours and I will always be available to help through the tough parts. 

September 19th 1-3pm/Oct.3rd 2-4pm,/Oct 11th-12-2pm

The picture is of a baby sock. You can do that or learn the adult sock. You choose. We have TONS of amazing kinds of yarn for socks. 


Oct. 5th 2-3pm. 

We all make mistakes. No worries, we just need to learn how to FIX them. This class is $20.00 for one hour. I will have many prepared examples with mistakes to show you how to fix them in different patterns and with different techniques. Probably one of the most important things to have in your Brain stash!



CABLES - $30.00-  Oct.4 3-5pm/ Oct. 11th 3-5pm/ Oct.13th12-2pm

Learn to work cables with this simple project. I will also explain many more cable terms. If yu have a cable project that you have wanted to attempt and you have basic knitting skills. Call me to schedule a time to learn cables on the project you choose. Same price and I'll help you until your project is done.